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Perfecto Cigar Holder

Perfecto Cigar Holder
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Manufacturer: Perfecto Cigar

Perfecto Cigar Holder - The Perfecto Cigar Holder is a completely new design in cigar holders and there is nothing like it on the market.

Perfecto is more than just another cigar clip or holder, it's the perfecto cigar ash tray when you're on the go. , Perfecto is made in the USA from 1st run virgin nylon so the heat from the cigar will not melt it. , The rest the cigar sits on, centers the cigar and keeps the lit end off the sides and the bottom of the tray. , The spring, also made in the USA is strong piano wire so it will keep the holder securely in place. , The pivoting feet allow for the angle to be adjusted for different clamping surfaces and are over molded with a soft tacky plastic so they grip and will not scratch delicate surfaces. , Perfecto will also hold small as well as very large (up to 80 ring) cigars, most other holders are limited to about 54 ring and some will not hold small ring size cigars. , Perfecto doesn't clamp to the cigar and ruin the wrapper. , One hand operation


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