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Luratan Natural 6 Cigar Sampler

Luratan Natural 6 Cigar Sampler
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Retail Price: $51.14
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Manufacturer: Drew Estates

Natural 6 Cigar Sampler - Unlock the mystery behind truly gourmet blended cigars in this Natural By Drew Estate selection from Drew Estate. Traditional South American-grown tobaccos are naturally blended with exotic tobaccos from Spain, Italy, Turkey, Louisiana, and other parts of the world.

The cigars are finished using the finest wrapper leaves from Africa, Mexico, Indonesia, and the U. S. to achieve the most profound flavor combinations. The strengths run mild to full, with each cigar having its own unique character and aroma. The sampler includes:1 Natural Clean Robusto SINGLE Natural 5 X 50 1 Natural Dirt SINGLE Maduro 4 X 43 1 Natural Dirt Torpedo SINGLE Maduro 5 x 52 1 Natural Green Hero SINGLE Natural 6 1/2 X 54 1 Natural Root SINGLE Maduro 5 x 55 1 Natural Root Deluxe SINGLE Maduro 6 x 50


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