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Padron No. 88 Sampler

Padron No. 88 Sampler
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Retail Price: $64.94
Save: $14.48
Availability: In Stock
Manufacturer: Padron
Package: Box

Padron No. 88 Sampler - Padrón 88 Sampler. Treat someone else or treat yourself!

Padrón is renowned for making the most consistent cigars in the business; never a bad draw, never a bad burn, always highly rated, rarely (if ever) discounted and frequently hard to get. Many educated smokers believe that Padrón is "as good as it gets" in Nicaraguan tobacco, so it should come as no surprise that supplies of our Padrón 88 Sampler are rather limited.

You'll get four original blend smokes from Padrón – Padrón 2000, Padrón 3000, Padrón 4000, and Padrón 5000 – and one Padrón 1964 Anniversary Series Exclusivo, the too-damn-good-for-words, 90+ rated cigar that limited availability sends true aficionados into fits! The Padrón 88 Sampler makes a great gift for your favorite cigar enthusiast, but we won't blame ya' if you buy it for yourself… hell, if we weren't in the cigar business, we might not share either!


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