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AVO Domaine No. 30

AVO Domaine No. 30
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AVO Domaine No. 30  5 Pack

AVO Domaine No. 30 5 Pack

Manufacturer: AVO Domaine
Country: Dominican Republic
Wrapper: Natural
Package: Box of 20
Size: 6.75 x 46
Strength: Full
Shape: Double Corona

AVO Domaine No. 30 - AVO Domaine No. 30 cigars. What do you get when you combine the expertise of Davidoff of Geneva, the tobacco knowledge Henkie Kellner, and the talent of Avo Uvezian? A masterpiece cigar called AVO. Creamy, smooth, and beautiful, AVO cigars set the standard for quality.

The Domaine AVO Series, a more full-bodied cigar than the Classic, Maduro and XO series, uses filler from Avo Uvezian's own plantation in the Dominican Republic. The unique nature . . . process in the Dominican Republic round out the cigar. The Domaine AVO Series has been created especially for connoisseurs and enthusiasts.


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