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Acid One

Acid One
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Acid One 5 pack

Acid One 5 pack

SKU: 02AI1
Manufacturer: Acid
Country: Nicaragua
Wrapper: Natural
Package: Box of 24
Size: 5 x 54
Strength: Medium
Flavor: Floral
Shape: Torpedo

Acid One -

Acid One cigars. This is the only non-aromatic cigar in the ACID line. Acid One cigars are cured with five different red wines from five countries spanning the vineyards of California, Italy, France, Spain, and a Nicaraguan Sangria.

A special cigar available only to retailers who have taken on the whole ACID product line. "One" has the richest Cameroon wrapper available, and its tobaccos are cured in red wines from Chile, Italy, France, California as well as a Sangria indigenous to Nicaragua. This is the only non-aromatic cigar in the ACID line. The tannins that marry with the rich African Cameroon wrapper offer a well balanced bouquet so singular in flavor they call it 'One. '


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