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Alec Bradley Post Embargo Toro

Alec Bradley Post Embargo Toro
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Alec Bradley Post Embargo Toro 5 pack

Alec Bradley Post Embargo Toro 5 pack

Manufacturer: Alec Bradley
Country: Honduras
Wrapper: Honduras
Package: Box of 20
Size: 6.25 x 54
Strength: Full
Shape: Toro

Alec Bradley Post Embargo cigars are their answer to the raging, age-old debate: are Cuban cigars better than non-Cuban cigars? The people at Alec Bradley don't seem to think so - they actually welcome the challenge, because they just plain hate the word "non-Cuban. " 

And that's what got the AB people fired up. . . if the U. S. were to drop the Embargo and level the playing field for cigar makers, they're prepared to put their cards on the table and see who make's 'em best. So they've throwing down the gauntlet: Alec Bradley Post Embargo, a medium-full mix of Nicaraguan and Honduran long fillers that's been draped in a Honduran wrapper at the Raices Cubanas factory. So what makes this recipe stand out? Flavor, plain and simple - and lots of it. The taste is well-defined and well-balanced, and stands ready to go toe-to-toe with the cigars from Cuba. It's the Alec Bradley challenge, a cigar for smokers to taste and maybe put this whole Cuban/non-Cuban thing to rest. What's a little competition between "friends?" See for yourself - order a box of Alec Bradley Post Embargo cigars today!


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