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Ashton Classic Panetela

Ashton Classic Panetela
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Ashton Classic Panetela 5 pack

Ashton Classic Panetela 5 pack

Manufacturer: Ashton
Country: Dominican Republic
Wrapper: Natural
Package: Box of 25
Size: 6 x 36
Strength: Mild
Shape: Panatela

Ashton Classic Panatela - Ashton Classic Panatela cigars. Ashton Cigars are carefully crafted in the Dominican Republic by the exceptionally skilled cigar makers at Tabacalera A. Fuente, in Santiago.

Ashton's rich, complex, and exquisitely satisfying flavor can only be achieved by blending expertly cured 3-5 year-old tobaccos under the strictest supervision of both Carlos Fuente, Sr. , and his son, Carlos Fuente, Jr. Ashton is, quite simply, one of the finest smokes made in the world today.


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