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Black & Mild Jazz Upright

Black & Mild Jazz Upright
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Retail Price: $23.50
Save: $2.05
Availability: In Stock
Manufacturer: Middleton's
Country: United States
Wrapper: Natural
Package: Box of 25
Size: 5 x 30
Strength: Mild
Shape: Cigarillo

Black & Mild Cigars are a popular Pennsylvania made plastic tip cigars brand. They are created with Middleton's pipe tobacco for a smooth, mild smoke. Black and Mild Jazz cigar has a nice slow, even burn all the way through, as well as the smoothness in the smoke that Black and Mild is famous for. The Jazz has its own unique sweet flavor however it is sometimes compared to the flavors found in the Black and Mild Summer Blend. The great quality and price of Black and Milds is worthy of anyone who already enjoys this brand or is looking to find a new favorite Cigarillo.


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