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Torano Vault W-009 Yellow

Torano Vault W-009 Yellow
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Torano Vault W-009 Yellow 5 pack

Torano Vault W-009 Yellow 5 pack

Manufacturer: Carlos Torano
Country: Nicaragua
Wrapper: Sun Grown
Package: Box of 20
Size: 6 x 50
Strength: Medium
Shape: Toro

While leaks and hacks are all over the news, cigars have cracked the Torano Vault with W-009 cigars. Since their leak in 2011, Torano's Vault line has featured sublime family blends that were locked away in secret. The W-009, as listed in the original recipe, features a Sun grown wrapper from Nicaragua's Jalapa valley, with a binder Honduran from the fertile Jamastran valley along with vintage 2010 Honduran filler. This medium premium is the surest way to get a true taste of Honduran spice from one of the oldest cigar families around. It's no wonder they kept these family recipes a secret for so long, but like all good things- they must come out to play. Pick up a box and savor the heritage of the Torano family.


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