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Cu-Avana Cigars
Cu-Avana cigars are crafted by master blender Manuel Quesada. Whether it’s the mild Natural or the full-strength Punisher, Cu-Avana are known for being flavorful and exhibiting a solid construction. Cu-Avana are budget-friendly sticks that rival premium cigars.
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Cu-Avana Punisher Jalapeno Popper Special $5.00 off

Cu-Avana Punisher Jalapeno Popper
SKU: 3ECPM1007
Package: Box of 10
Size: 4 x 52
Strength: Full
Shape: Perfecto

Punisher is for seasoned lovers of the glorious tobacco weed. To those not converted to the sublime righteousness of ligero and high-priming tobaccos it will be the devil’s brew. If this is you: run, do not walk, in the opposite direction. Even stout men will be overwhelmed with its pure, undiluted, concentration of spice. Punisher is crafted for the minority, the insatiable ligero lovers. The juxtaposition of deep, dense flavors, searing spice, and classical construction deliver a righteous blend with layer after layer of sand-pounding, toe-curling, full-bodied power. The lips will burn. The head will swim. The tummy will ache. The eyes will warm. Sweat will collect. The heat will render you prone. Ligero-loving converts: this is a feature, not a bug. Nothing short of a religious experience. Unlike any other. The proof is in the box.

Availability: In Stock

Cu-Avana Punisher Toro Special $5.00 off

Cu-Avana Punisher Toro
SKU: 3ECPM1008
Package: Box of 10
Size: 6 x 54
Strength: Full
Shape: Toro

We bring you this powerful, full-bodied and extraordinarily flavorful beauty from the cigar capital of Nicaragua, Esteli. Handmade under the eye of Nestor Plasencia, the blend is cloaked by a dark and fragrant Nicaraguan habano wrapper. Thick and oily, this leaf—which oozes flavor—is a marvel to look at. The true power of this cigar comes from its long-leaf combination of extensively aged, all-ligero tobaccos from Nicaragua. The Cu-Avana Punisher delivers a burst of flavor on the palate with a hearty, spicy core and an underpinning of dense, earthy, oaky notes. This powerhouse is full bodied from start to finish; the flavors evolve throughout the slow burn, becoming increasingly intense right down to the nub. Look for a long, satisfying finish. This is a cigar you can enjoy outdoors while golfing or just relaxing in the hammock with a stout. Better yet, fire up the grill and enjoy one before it gets too cold with a cream soda.

Retail Price: $50.00
Save: $10.00
Availability: Temporarily Out of Stock

Cu-Avana Punisher Torpedo Special $5.00 off

Cu-Avana Punisher Torpedo
SKU: 3ECPM1002
Package: Box of 10
Size: 6 x 52
Strength: Full
Shape: Torpedo

This isn't a cigar of subtle nuance and intricate complexity. This is straight-up, in your face, knock-down, drag-out power. The color of the wrapper is your first clue. It's a dark Habano, and like all of the tobaccos in the Punisher, it's a ligero powerhouse. After lighting up, it won't take long for the pure strength to grab your attention. You'll get a tingle on your lips unlike anything you've ever experienced from any other cigar. If you're one of those people who love to sit down to a dozen atomic chicken wings and a pizza with jalapenos and crushed red pepper, then you are approved to light up.

Retail Price: $60.00
Save: $0.01
Availability: In Stock
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