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Davidoff Mini Silver

Davidoff Mini Silver
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Retail Price: $49.76
Save: $9.93
Availability: In Stock
Manufacturer: Davidoff
Country: Europe
Wrapper: Natural
Package: Box of 50
Size: 3.5 x 20
Strength: Mild
Shape: Cigarillo
Davidoff Mini Silver - Davidoff Mini Silver cigars. The Davidoff Mini Silver Cigarillos Natural Family of Geneva, Switzerland has been producing the world's finest luxury cigars for the most discriminating of smokers for generations. Truly rare gems, Davidoff cigars are as close to perfect in character, aroma and quality as it gets. If you seek a highly refined and luxurious cigar for a special occasion or have the means to enjoy a moment of intense pleasure, relaxation and happiness on a daily basis, make Davidoff cigars your cigar of choice.


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