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JFR Cigars
JFR Cigars hail from Aganorsa Leaf, responsible for some of the finer Nicaraguan boutiques on the humidor shelf. All-Nicaraguan binder and long fillers are clad in your choice of wrapper: a spicy Corojo that hits the tastebuds with a significant bite, and a smooth-smoking Maduro that layers warm, deep flavors from start to finish. Both smoke medium to full with nice complexity and that patented wood/earth/coffee combo of flavors that makes good Nicaraguan tobacco such a delight to enjoy. But where JFR cigars shine is the presentation: the boxes are bigger, packed with larger quantities of cigars in each box - as many as 50 a piece. And that means more cigar satisfaction over the long term, once you’ve made JFR cigars your daily go-to…which is easy to do, given our per-stick price. Aganorsa Leaf is using some of the most delicious tobaccos being grown right now; stuff your humidor with a box of JFR and see what the buzz is all about!
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JFR Corojo 770 new

JFR Corojo 770
SKU: 1212792
Package: Box of 30
Size: 7 x 70
Strength: Medium
Shape: Presidente
The JFR Corojo No. 770 is a Nicaraguan puro that uses the finest Cuban-seed tobacco covered by a stunning reddish brown Corojo wrapper leaf grown in the fertile Jalapa Valley of Nicaragua. Introduced several years ago as a brick-and-mortar offering, the name JFR stands for (“Just For Retailers”). However, due to popular demand these top-notch cigars are now available everywhere. The No. 770 is a beast of a smoke with delicious full-flavored notes of white pepper, nutmeg, cinnamon, and a rich caramel sweetness on the finish. A lovely, sweet tobacco aroma adds even more appeal to this luxurious premium cigar that’s available right here.
Retail Price: $280.50
Save: $79.15
Availability: In Stock

JFR Lunatic Habano Chiquito new

JFR Lunatic Habano Chiquito
SKU: 1213546
Size: 4.75 x 70
Strength: Medium
Shape: Gordito
A number of years ago, big ring cigars were all the rage. 6"x 60 and larger sizes were commonplace in humidors, prized for their cool burn, copious amounts of flavor, and bang-for-the-buck prices. With smaller cigars coming back into style, though, big rings are starting to disappear from shelves. But JFR doesn't follow trends, and they know what sizes they do best.The JFR Lunatic Habano is an imposing cigar. The sizes range from a chunky 4.7"x 52 robusto all the way up to an incredible 8x80 belicoso, and all are blended to perfection with a silky Ecuador Habano wrapper and Nicaraguan binder & fillers. Produced at Aganorsa Leaf in Nicaragua, and chock full of Aganorsa goodness, you know these are the real deal. Exploding with notes of roasted nuts, earth, toast and coffee, these sticks are just as big in flavor as they are in size. The JFR Lunatic is an experience, one you’d be a lunatic to pass up.
Retail Price: $228.54
Save: $63.56
Availability: In Stock

JFR Maduro 770 new

JFR Maduro 770
SKU: 1212723
Package: Box of 30
Size: 7 x 70
Strength: Full
Shape: Presidente
JFR, which stands for Just for Retailers, is a boutique brand from the world-renowned Tabacalera Tropical. These stogies are beautifully-rolled and come in mellow-bodied Connecticut, medium-bodied Corojo, or bold, full-bodied maduro wrappers. These flawless wrappers, along with a blend of Nicaraguan binder and filler leaves, help to create a balanced, flavorful smoke, regardless of which one you choose.
Retail Price: $280.68
Save: $79.20
Availability: In Stock

JFR Maduro Titan new

JFR Maduro Titan
SKU: 1212717
Package: Box of 50
Size: 6 x 60
Strength: Full
Shape: Gordo
Casa Fernandez Cigars has gained much notoriety in recent years, as in addition to supplying fine tobacco to some of the biggest names in the business, they have entered the market with a brand of their own, and JFR Maduro Titan is one of the shining stars of that brand. “Just For Retailers,” as the entire name goes, is an ultra premium cigar made for a discriminating audience, yet non-inclusive of all the bells and whistles such as fancy packaging or extensive advertising. The result is a top-notch product at a very reasonable price. In the case of this Maduro version, the filler and binder blend is 100% Nicaraguan tobacco. The finishing wrapper leaf is Nicaraguan Habano Maduro, making this not only a maduro cigar, but a Nicaraguan puro as well. The 6” x 60 Titan size is, believe it or not, the “mid-size” vitola of the JFR lineup, set to provide hours of cool, intense smoke and a slow, relaxing burn.
Retail Price: $390.18
Save: $112.05
Availability: In Stock
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