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Prince Albert Soft & Sweet Vanilla Packs

Prince Albert Soft & Sweet Vanilla Packs
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Retail Price: $74.50
Save: $17.35
Availability: In Stock
Manufacturer: Prince Albert
Country: United States
Wrapper: Natural
Package: Packs of 50
Size: 5 x 30
Strength: Mild
Flavor: Vanilla
Shape: Small Cigar
Prince Albert Soft & Sweet Vanilla Pack is a set of high-quality machine-made cigars. The cigars are packed with an exquisite blend of Middleton’s pipe tobacco, promising to give you a wonderful smoking experience with each drag.

The natural vanilla flavors make these cigars appealing to both new and experienced smokers. The flavors are sweet and pleasant and linger around even after you are done smoking. The cigars measure 5 inches in length and have a ring gauge of 30. Homogenized tobacco leaves are used for both the binder and the wrapper. Each cigar has a plastic tip, making it convenient for you to smoke anytime, anywhere.This box has ten packs with five cigars in each. These Prince Albert cigars were first made in 1907 in Pennsylvania, and are now manufactured by John Middleton Inc. Smoke these on your short office breaks or leisurely at home after dinner. Either way you will not be disappointed!


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