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Racer Cigars Mild

Racer Cigars Mild
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Retail Price: $17.99
Save: $1.09
Availability: In Stock
Manufacturer: Racer Cigars
Country: United States
Wrapper: Natural
Package: Packs of 200
Size: 3.875 x 20
Strength: Mild
Shape: Cigarillo
Racer Mild Filtered Cigars give you a beautifully smooth smoking experience thanks to the premium natural tobacco filler.

Each cigar measures 3 ⅞ inches in length and has a ring gauge of 20. The mild essence gives you a wonderful flavor with every drag. What’s truly amazing about Racer’s cigars is the extremely affordable prices without any compromise on quality. Budget smokers will love these as they can be smoked daily without having to spend a fortune. Now smoke breaks at work will be exciting with cigars that soothe and relax you! Racer is an American brand which is well on its way to becoming a top seller in the filtered cigars industry. This set contains 200 cigars that are packed in sets of 10 boxes with 20 each. The compact 100mm cartons make it easy for you to carry them around.


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