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Tabacos Baez SF Toro

Tabacos Baez SF Toro
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Tabacos Baez SF Toro 5 pack

Tabacos Baez SF Toro 5 pack

Manufacturer: Don Pepin Garcia
Country: Nicaragua
Wrapper: Habano
Package: Box of 20
Size: 6 x 50
Strength: Medium
Shape: Toro
Tabacos Baez SF Toro - Tabacos Baez SF Toro cigars. Tabacos Baez SF cigars are made at Pepin Garcia's El Rey de los Habanos in Nicaragua. That should tell you something about the quality and flavor you can expect from these medium-bodied, mixed-filler cigars. Named for the Cuban city where Pepin was born, these puros are blended with 70% Cuban-seed Nicaraguan long filler, 30% short-filler, and rolled in Nicaraguan Habano wrappers. The smoke is rich and smooth, laced with notes of cocoa, a subtle hint of coffee and a dash of pepper on the finish.


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