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ePuffer Robusto Disposable Electronic Cigars 12 Pack

ePuffer Robusto Disposable Electronic Cigars 12 Pack
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Retail Price: $239.94
Save: $40.94
Availability: In Stock
SKU: 300680
Package: Box of 12
Size: 5 x 50
Shape: Robusto

Due to state law this item cannot be shipped into Utah

ePuffer Robusto Disposable Electronic Cigars 12 Pack -

Robusto Disposable Electronic Cigar features premium Cuban Cigar taste and lasts for approximately 1200 puffs, which is equivalent of around 10 cigars. - 12 PACK

We’ve spent many months adapting, testing and developing the model to offer the ultimate cigar smoking experience and with a range of features we’re confident we’ve now got this cigar just right.

It’s the first to offer a real cork mouthpiece that tells your brain you’re smoking the real thing, vape time is about 180 minutes, it offers the same amount of smoking as 10 real cigars would. Yet it’s highly competitive in price.


  • Pre-charged and ready to use right out of the pack. Provides up-to 1200 enjoyable puffs.
  • Patent-Pending Engineered Cork soft-tip mouthpiece.
  • The device has no flame, no tobacco and no harmful carcinogenic ingredients.
  • The LED ash tip of the cigar lights up as you inhale.
  • Simulated smoke is emitted as you exhale. This is only vapor and evaporates in seconds
  • Size: Ø = 19. 9mm, Length: 5. 2 inches / 132mm. Weight: 35g, Ring gauge: 50

Benefits and Advantages

Cigars are usually given as a decadent gift, a luxury item that is sourced from overseas, matured before being delivered to the recipients. We’ve capture the eminence of this in our very own Robusto.  

All you have to do is vape it and see, we’re confident you’ll adore it.


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