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Cigar Box Guitars 4 String Delta Blues Box

Cigar Box Guitars 4 String Delta Blues Box
SKU: 4-String-Guitar

Cigar Box Guitars 4 String Delta Blues Box - Don't confuse our Delta Blues Box with cheap cigar box guitars. These are real electric guitars, are packed full of Memphis Mojo and they sound awesome. It doesn't get more authentic roots music than these instruments.

It doesn't get more authentic roots music than these instruments. Back in the days of the Depression when no one had any money (hmm, kinda like today!), folks in the Delta made their own instruments from what they had lying around, a busted broom handle, an empty cigar box and some old screen wire and you got yourself a guitar. Like riverboat gamblers with a hot hand we've upped the ante with our rendition of this classic instrument. We've made a 4 and a 3 string version. Both versions come with D'Addario Strings, Custom wired Piezo Transducer, Volume knob, Switchcraft Jack, Bolt on Maple neck with Medium Frets, Bone Nut and Bridge and Grover Gears. The 4 string version includes the Saint Blues classic headstock with normal 24. 75 inch scale fretting. Each one is signed and numbered by our builder, Greg Mitchell. The 3 string is a 24 inch Open Chord Scale (No sharps or Flats) perfect for those just starting out wanting to play the blues. Tuned to Open G (G D G B)Custom D'Addario String Set (. 045 bass string, . 026w, . 017p, . 013p)24 3/4" ScaleCustom wired 1 3/8" Piezo TransducerVolume Pot and Switchcraft JackBolt on Maple neck with Medium FretsBone Nut and BridgeGrover Gears2 Strap Buttons Custom Made Tailpiece Certain cigar boxes are subject to availability. Prices are subject to change without notice. Not all cigar boxes will work as guitars, your brands box might not be strong enough.

Retail Price: $ 398.00
Your Price: $ 273.65
You Save: $ 124.35
Availability: In Stock