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Csonka Cigar Survivor Travel Humidor - Tobacco Brown

Csonka Cigar Survivor Travel Humidor - Tobacco Brown
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Retail Price: $35.56
Save: $13.56
Availability: In Stock
Manufacturer: Csonka
Csonka Cigar Survivor - Tobacco Brown - Based on requests for a more affordable version of Csonka's top selling Cigar Traveler mid-sized case, Csonka today introduces the Cigar Survivor. This very new, 4-cigar portable travel humidor combines all the luxury you've come to expect from Csonka . . . but at a great low price.
It's designed with durable steel case construction and a soft padded exterior. Inside is well designed, with a quality humidification system, cigar retainer bar and two capped pipettes for uniquely traveling distilled water for system recharging wherever you are. The Csonka Cigar Survivor is now available in classic black or tobacco brown with a cedar liner. It serves the more cost-conscious cigar smoker market perfectly because it's classy, complete and sells very affordably. Most cigar lovers will find it irresistible! All cases exclude any cigars that may be shown in picture(s).


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