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SMS Meerschaum Quarter Bent Danske Lattice

SMS Meerschaum Quarter Bent Danske Lattice
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Manufacturer: Meerschaum

SMS Meerschaum Quarter Bent Danske Lattice - Most of the classic shapes are carved by the Sekercioglu Brothers. The superior quality and finish of their classic pipe shapes is recognized as one of the best available in the industry.



L = 6. 0 in. Dia. = 0. 83 in.

H =2. 0 in.

Depth =1. 5 in.
W = 1. 5 in.  

Hüseyin and Mustafa were born in Kayakent, a village about one hundred miles from Eskisehir. Hüseyin, the older brother, worked on the family farm until he was sixteen. In 1976, he moved to Eskisehir. Within a few months, he began learning the pipe making trade as a sander and stem finisher under Master Carver Necdet Altinay. In 1979, younger brother Mustafa joined Hüseyin in Eskisehir at the age of fourteen. He was also employed as a pipe finisher at the Altinay shop. In 1982, he began three years of lattice finish work. Hüseyin and Mustafa eventually learned all the aspects of pipe making. Following Mustafa's return from military service, both brothers joined resources and formed their own company in 1987. Since 1996, the Sekercioglu Brothers formed separate companies and employ other relatives in their businesses.


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