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The Perfdog Cigar Perforator

  Tired of picking tobacco from your teeth? Tired of cutting off valuable sections of your favorite cigar? Well then, let us introduce you to “The Perfdog™” cigar perforator. Available Colors The Perfdog is a great alternative and complement to the traditional cigar cutters and punches. Our innovative design and quality workmanship will enhance your …

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Moscato Wine Blended Cigars

Moscato Cigars are hand crafted using the finest Honduran tobaccos & essential Moscato Aromatic wine blending. Moscato Cigars provide a unique flavor and aroma, to create a perfectly balanced smoke. The Moscato Name Moscato Wine is the world’s fastest growing wine varietal.  “National Moscato Day” is now recognized annually by the US Wine Industry. Moscato …

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Smoking a Cigar Isn’t Just an Act; It’s a Lifestyle

“A woman is an occasional pleasure but a cigar is always a smoke.” –Groucho Marx Only in America can you go from being a high profile lawyer to a high profile cigar aficionado. And quite frankly anything beats being the former! A good ol’ cigar or stogie conjures up different images in my mind. Part …

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