How Often Should You Change Your Humidifier?


Not only are cigars a pleasurable past-time, but they’re also an investment of money and time. Proper humidors keep cigars fresh and allow you to diversify and grow your cigar collection as you probably already know. And having the right storage means that you don’t have to smoke everything in a short amount of time. They’ll be safe and fresh in your humidor. In order for a humidor to work, it has to have a humidifier that’s well-maintained.

Humidifiers come in a variety of styles and price ranges; however, a good one can be found for a reasonable price here at The Cigar Store. Knowing when to replace the humidifier can mean the difference in keeping your cigar collection in prime smoking condition.

Fortunately, it’s not necessary to replace humidifiers very often. It just depends on the humidor model you have. Most of them have reusable beads or sponges and require the right amount of distilled water and glycerin periodically. These models should keep your cigars within the optimal 72% humidity for several years, if maintained properly.

There are emergency cases where it’s necessary to change your humidifier. If you accidently use tap water instead of distilled water, you must put in a new humidifier. The chemicals in regular drinking water, such as chlorine, can affect the composition and taste of your cigars. Time’s of the essence, because anything but distilled water can quickly ruin your whole collection.

Humidifier maintenance is paramount for keeping your cigars safe. Owners have to be careful and use the right amount of distilled water and monitor the percentage of humidity daily. If a humidifier isn’t maintained properly, dangerous mold can form in the humidor and on the cigars. Not only can it spoil a whole collection, but mold presents health risks to the entire household.

Another aspect of humidifier maintenance is making sure that you know what your humidor needs. for example,  if you live in a particularly arid region, you may need two humidifiers to keep the proper balance. You want to make sure that electric components are working and are in good repair and that all seals are good. These are things to check before you consider buying a new humidifier. It may not be the problem. It’s also imperative to have a hygrometer that’s measuring the humidity properly. So again, they need to be calibrated on occasion to make sure they’re accurate.

With a good humidifier, you can be assured that your cigar collection will stay safe and enjoyable for many good smokes to come.

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