Remove The Small Cap From Your Cigar Because…

Cigar Cap

Most people that are really “into” cigars have seen the guys on television or in movies shove a cigar tip between the teeth and rip off a cap in preparation for smoking. So you might be wondering, why does a small cap need to be removed from a cigar? The end of a cigar is gently tapered and without removing a small portion, the smoke you draw through the mixture of tobacco will be limited. Enjoying the maximum full rich flavor makes this a necessity. Biting the cap isn’t the recommended method, however. No matter how talented you feel your skills are, there’s no way to accurately gauge the length you’re removing.

The best way to remove the cap is with a cigar cutter. Below are a few different types that most cigar smokers use.

Punch Cutters

Punch cutters remove the least amount of material from the cigar. They offer the least in way of improving the overall quality of the cigar you smoke. You may even become annoyed with the number of times you have to relight the cigar.

V-Splice Cutters

This type of cutter makes a v-cut into the end of the cigar. It does allow a deeper cut into the heart of the mellow tobaccos, while keeping the ends held tightly. This is a good cutter for the beginning cigar smoker.

Straight Cutters

The straight cutters allow for the maximum amount of smoke to be drawn through the cigar at any given time. You’ll find that it provides an opportunity to enjoy the full value of flavor, but there’s a danger. Removing too much of the cap is easy to do using a straight cutter. If this happens, the cigar will begin to unwrap and quickly becomes a mess.

To properly remove a small cap never cut beyond the area that’s just below the meeting of the cap and body of your cigar. It’ll guarantee the best quality usable product every time.

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