Young Millionaire Buys $61,752.00 Cigar

Callum Jones, age 18, purchased a single cigar for £40,000 ($61,752.00 US Dollar) in July 2013.

August 12, 2013. Where can such a cigar be purchased? As it turns out, there are a number of stores around the world that sell this cigar. It is made by Regius Cigars and sold by Alfie Turmeaus in Mayfair, London.

In attendance for the purchase were Mitchell Orchant, the owner of Turmeaus and Akhil Kapacee, CEO of Regius cigars. Akhil was not there for the spectacle – part of the perks you get when you purchase this cigar is that Akhil will personally light the cigar for you, if you would like.

There are a number of other perks that come with this 7 5/8″ x 49 ring gauge cigar. Purchasers will be taken, first class, to where the cigar was made, in Esteli, Nicaragua. While in Nicaragua, Callum will work with Mr. Kapacee to specially create a Regius cigar to Callum’s taste. He will then take home 1,000 of these for his private collection.

Cigar Journal met with Callum Jones in Las Vegas and it quickly became clear that Mr. Jones is a lover of the fine things in life. Over bottles of Champagne at the Bellagio we discussed the merits and pleasures of Lamborghinis, Jets, Helicopters, and Callum’s old business of Coffee. At the age of 18, Callum sold his coffee business for millions and is now looking for his next business opportunity, in a classic Jaguar.

Callum Jones is an adventuring sort of person. If born centuries earlier he would probably have worked in the Colonies, been an explorer, or perhaps even a pirate. So far in his young life he has successfully built a business and sold it. He clearly has a head for business. But more so, he is an adventurer. His business had him traversing Africa and Europe during his middle-teens. Now for recreation he continues to travel and has chosen to buy a cigar that will take him (First Class) to Central America – albeit for an unusual purpose.

“This is one of the best cigars I have ever had the pleasure of enjoying”. And “I just sold my Lamborghini and wanted to make myself feel better – this did the trick. Im looking forward to finding out how these cigars are made” Callum said.

Privately, Callum expressed to Cigar Journal that the cigar was delicious; one of the best cigars that he had ever tasted. And he has tasted some very fine cigars.

This particular cigar is available at 5 cigar retailers worldwide but the standard line of Regius is available widely at much more modest prices. The Regius robusto was rated highly by Cigar Journal but unfortunately this £40,000 special edition has not been made available to us for tasting.

Photo: Callum Jones smoking his 40,000 GBP cigar in Mayfair, London.

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