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In 1917, Generoso Eiroa Sr left Spain to try his luck in Cuba, where he found his calling in tobacco growing. After the revolution, his sons Generoso Jr and Julio left Cuba for Honduras and the Jamastran Valley, where they grew the dark Corojo and Criollo varieties. Not only were the family important tobacco growers but they also changed the economic history of Honduras. Not long afterwards, their own cigars were being made in what is today the legendary Aladino Factory in Danlí, Honduras.

With the acquisition of the Camacho brand, the Eiroas have become one of the top players in the cigar business. After selling the Camacho brand to the Oettinger-Davidoff-Group in 2008, Christian Eiroa registered his own brands, Eiroa and CLE, in 2012. “Once a tobacco man, always a tobacco man,” jokes

Christian. It comes as no surprise that Christian Eiroa’s favorite cigar is one of the best known from his own brand: the Eiroa Classic Prensado, praised as the best cigar of the year in 2015 by the renowned Cigar Journal.




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