3 Things You May Not of Known About Perdomo Cigars


Perdomo is very well known Nicaraguan cigar brand that is smoked and beloved the world over. But how well do you really know Perdomo? As the old adage goes, it’s ever easy to over look that which is right under one’s nose (in this case the adage holds quite literally).

The first thing you should know about these cigars which you probably didn’t know is that every single one of the Nicaraguan cigar wrappers are bourbon barrel aged. Barrel aging is a flavor imbuing technique more commonly reserved for alcohol but has also gained great popularity among cigar aficionados and producers alike for the unique taste that it imparts – it’s also one heck of a labor that requires massive amounts of space, time, money, manpower and skill. You’ve to hand it to Perdomo, they aren’t so popular for no reason.

The second thing you probably didn’t know about Nick Perdomo’s cigars is that they’re a totally self-contained company. This is often referred to as being “vertical” and means that every single faucet of the cigar creation process is handled by Nick Perdomo and his staff – a very unusual thing to encounter in this time of mass outsourcing. But it goes well beyond just making the cigars, they also plant and grow the seeds, till the soil, pick, stretch and age the leaves – they even to their own custom silk screen graphic design for their cedar boxes. That, ladies and gentlemen, is dedication!

The third and final thing you probably don’t know is that the brands creator, Nick Perdomo is literally Kevin Bacon. Well… not literally, but if you’re familiar with the popular meme and parlor game, “Six degrees of Kevin Bacon,” you ‘ll understand what we mean. Essentially, six degrees of Kevin Bacon is the “Six degrees of separation theory, just with more, you know, Bacon. Well, apparently, this same theory applies to Nick Perdomo as well. It appears everyone is connected back to Nick, such as Jonathan Drew, who Perdomo helped out back before Drew’s big break, Raphael Nodal, who Nick brought to the industries attention as well as CAO cigars. Apparently, everyone in the industry, to some degree, knows and loves the guy, and given that he’s known to randomly embrace his fans at conventions and showings where he meets them, it’s easy to see why.

Well there you have it folks, the top 3 things you didn’t know about Perdomo; expect more peculiar facts about the company down the line. In the mean time I’m headed off for a Pedromo from The Cigar Store.

The Benefits of Smoking Little Cigars


The world of cigars can be somewhat daunting to the novice, with all of the different regions, wrappers, growing conditions, ring gauges, and lengths to sort through on your quest for the perfect smoke. The connoisseur’s journey doesn’t change much, even after versing yourself in the lexicon of the culture. One thing that everyone can agree on, however, is that there’s no substitute for immersion and experience in the world of fine, hand-crafted cigars.

So how does one get that experience without spending any extra time, money, or effort on an expensive, 2-hour smoke? The answer lies within the realm of “little” cigars.

For those new to the wonderful world of cigars, the little cigars offer an unparalleled way to experience the plethora of wrappers, fillers, and brands, without spending an arm and a leg on a Robusto or Churchill that could take hours to fully enjoy. These little cigars are manufactured by the same well-respected companies with the same high quality tobacco as their “big brothers”, but don’t necessitate the same financial burden or time management. This gives the novice smoker an opportunity to experiment with all of the exciting variables of the cigar world on their journey to discover what their palette desires most.

Now, for the experienced cigar aficionado, little cigars offer an entirely different advantage: The ability to take your stogie love nearly anywhere you’d like to go. Due to the fact that many well respected manufacturers also create a “little” cigars, and often in packages with eight to twelves sticks, these quick smokes are perfect for your afternoon commute, lunch break, or any other downtime that wouldn’t necessarily allow for you favorite 60 ring gauge beast or that special Churchill that you’ve been saving for a momentous occasion.

Another often overlooked advantage of the “little” cigar is that it ‘s an inexpensive alternative when it comes to opening up your humidor to guests and friends.

So, whether you’re looking for a quicker, simpler way to experience the multitude of cigar styles, or you’re trying to sneak a quick stogie session into your weekday, little cigars are an excellent but again, often overlooked way to enjoy this wonderful hobby.

Top 3 Fall Hunting Cigars


Everyone’s favorite season’s quickly approaching, and it’s time to prepare yourself for the inevitable endless but enjoyable hours in the deep woods. Hunting season brings with it the crisp cold weather and enough time on your hands to enjoy a great cigar while you wait for that 30 point buck show up in your sights. The jury is still out on whether the scent of cigar smoke will effect your chances of a kill, but cigar enthusiasts insist that hunting and smoking cigars go together like venison and fried red potatoes.

On our website you’ll find an excellent variety of cigars for every taste or occasion, as well as an excellent quick guide to choosing a cigar for you. If you’re trying to choose a cigar to accompany you for a day in the woods, perhaps something mild with a smaller ring gauge to minimize the production of smoke. Gold Rush Sweets is a cigarillo with U.S. grown tobacco that offers a smaller size for quicker smoking, and at a little over $25 per box of 200, you’ll have enough to share with fellow hunters and not break the bank.

For something a bit more substantial in size that you can enjoy longer, the AVO XO Intermezzo is an excellent choice that provides a smooth medium strength flavor (hence the name) with a Dominican grown Havana seed binder. You will receive a beautiful box of 20 cigars for $140.

After a long day of hunting is done, and you bagged the big buck, it’s time to reward yourself with only the finest cigar in your collection. The limited edition Padron Series 1926 40th Anniversary cigar offers a full strength flavor in its tobacco from Nicaragua. This cigar is an impressive torpedo shaped fair and is presented in a beautiful wooden box of 20 for $443.

We can provide you with the perfect cigar to enjoy anytime, but would love to be your source for cigars that accompany you to your favorite hunting spots this season. Just another reason why we’re you’re one-stop shop for all your cigar needs for enjoying the finer things in life.

The Cigar Store Product Focus: PDR Cigars


PDR cigars are produced by a small boutique factory located in the Tamboril Dominican Republic. Originally opened in 2004, the company prides itself in creating high quality hand made cigars. They are produced using proprietary rolling techniques to provide a more pleasant draw when smoked. The PDR product line includes blends of tobaccos from multiple growing regions including the Dominican Republic, Brazil and Nicaragua.

The small factory produces a variety of pleasures for your enjoyment. The A. Flores series pays homage to one of the largest influences in hand rolled cigars and features some of the oldest tobacco available within the company. With variations including Habano or San Andreas Maduro wrappers, each piece within the line has a flavor and aroma experience that is truly unique.

A special 10 year anniversary edition of the Flores y Rodriguez product line, celebrating 10 years of collaboration between the company founders, is another highlight to be enjoyed. It features a combination of flavors carefully crafted using ingredients from three separate countries. This is the third blend from the Flores y Rodriguez line, offering an experience that may never be replicated by PDR.

There are multiple cigars in the PDR line including several small batch reserve products that range across the size and shape ideals. This provides an opportunity to find not just the flavor and draw you prefer, but also focus on the size, weight and shape. You can enjoy a wonderful smoking experience with the feel in hand you desire.

For a truly remarkable experience, the PDR 1878 Reserva Dominica Habana features the Oscuro wrapper. Originally designed as a limited run, this Dominican Puro considered one of the fullest bodied cigars currently available. Also known as the Holiday blend, this cigar provides an exquisite and unique experience, with beautiful presentation, at a highly competitive price.

The unique and sophisticated experience that comes along with enjoying a PDR cigar lends itself to an opportunity where it can truly be savored. Whether relished as part of a celebration or appreciated during a quite evening PDR cigars bring an air of class to any occasion.

Enjoy a Smooth Electronic Cigar


There’s a growing popularity among those who enjoy a smooth and robust electronic cigar. These e-cigars are providing many with a pure, pleasurable, and enjoyable experience. There are several reasons how and why electronic cigars continue to grow in popularity across a wide audience. They can take the opportunity to enjoy a smooth e-cigar from time to time.

You see, this digital trend of the electronic cigars are increasing in popularity for several sound reasons such as:

*There’s no tar in an electronic cigar.
*There’s no tobacco in an electronic cigar.
*You’ve the ability to recharge the device.
*There’s no foul odor emitted.
*There are different flavors, tastes, and aromas of e-cigars

These are only some of the pleasures that you can have with the electronic cigar. It’s also a good indicator for why it’s risen in popularity.

Electronic cigars offer a purified taste for the refined palette. The flavor is as delicious as a real cigar yet cleaner and more purified, which is making them the first choice for smoking inside.

Cigar enthusiasts out there can really enjoy the convenience of these products because they look and taste like the real deal cigar.