Fuego USB Cigar Lighter

Fuego USB Cigar LighterIntroducing the butane-free FUEGO lighter, which gives a perfect burn every time. Wind-proof, USB chargeable, and super easy to use.

Fuego lighter is a butane-free electric lighter that gives your cigar the perfect burn, every time. USB charged and eco-friendly, this lighter has a circular burning plate that evenly burns the foot of the cigar, without emitting hydrocarbons and ruining the taste experience with excess gas like conventional lighters.


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Cigar Smoking for Dummies

Cigar Smoking for Dummies

One of our goals of TheCigarStore is to demystify and share our love of cigars.  Let’s be honest; the multitude of cigar shapes, sizes and wrappers can be overwhelming to a first time buyer.  We receive hundreds of calls each month with questions about the various options available from novice smokers and connoisseurs alike.  With that in mind we’ve put together a compilation of some of the most asked subjects we receive questions on to try to educate you and share our love of “all things cigar”.

Cigar Shapes and Sizes

Cigars are rolled in many lengths and ring sizes.  To make it easier, cigars are given a name based on their size.  The two characteristics used to describe a cigar are the length (measured in inches) and the ring size (a description of the cigar’s diameter or thickness).  The ring size is broken down by 64ths of an inch, so when you say a cigar has a ring size of 50, you are really saying it is 50/64 of an inch thick.  One other factor in describing a cigar is based on the way it is rolled.  A typical cigar where the end is rolled open and the cap end requires cutting is known as a Parejo. Parejos are either rolled as a round cigar or can be square in shape, also known as box-pressed.  The final description of a cigar includes its strength.  A full bodied cigar will be strong vs. a mild cigar.  Because of the incredible variety of tobaccos available that can be used, strengths can vary between manufacturers.  Think of a fine single malt whiskey for example.  Many varieties come from Scotland but due to the variances in the ingredients used, no two taste exactly the same.  The same is true for cigars.

Here is a breakdown of some of the most common cigar shapes:

Shape Length Ring Size Popular Examples
Corona 5 ½ – 6 inches 42-44 Ashton Corona
Petite Corona 4 – 5 inches 40-42 Acid Blondie
Churchill 7 inches 47-50 Montecristo Platinum Churchill
Robusto 5 48-52 Rocky Patel Decade Robusto
Corona Gorda (Toro) 5 5/8 – 6 ¼ inches 46-50 Romeo y Julieta Vintage No. II
Double Corona 7 ½ – 8 ½ 49-52 CAO Gold Label Double Corona
Panatela 5 – 7 ½ inches 34-38 Punch London Club
Lonsdale 6 ½ inches 42 Montecristo No. 1

Even though the vast majority of cigars manufactured are Parejos, many companies have begun to differentiate themselves through new innovative shapes known as Figurados.  A Figurado can broadly be described as a cigar that is not round (cylindrical).  There are many variations of Figurado shapes and sizes.

The majority fall into one of the following four shapes:

Shape Length Ring Size Popular Examples
Pyramid 6 – 7 inches 40-54 Arturo Fuente Chateau Fuente Pyramid
Belicoso 5 – 5 ½ inches 50 Baccarat Belicoso Natural
Torpedo 5 – 7 inches 50-54 Tatuaje Miami Unicos
Perfecto 4 ½ – 9 inches 38-48 Punch Champion Double Maduro

Cigar Wrapper Colors

Cigar wrappers come in a host of colors.  Depending on where in the world the tobacco crop was grown, wrappers colors can vary from pale green to dark black.  Each of these wrappers provide a different taste for the cigar smoker and is therefore left to individual preference.  There are five basic cigar wrapper colors but many variations within each wrapper color.  The variations are caused by the type of seed used, the amount of sunlight during growth and the aging process used to dry the plant.

From the light to dark the five most commonly used wrapper colors are as follows:

Wrapper Description Popular Examples
Double Claro aka Candela Light green in color caused by quick-drying technique which locks in the plants chlorophyll. La Flor Dominicana Double Claro No. 48
Claro Light tan in color caused by being grown in the shade under cheesecloth tents. Antonio y Cleopatra Grenadier Light
Colorado Medium-brown to brownish-red, this wrapper is full flavored yet emits a subtle some. Dunhill Signed Range Gigante
Maduro Varies from a deep reddish-brown to almost black. Maduro means “mature” in Spanish, which refers to the increased time required to cure the wrapper. Kristoff Maduro Robusto
Oscuro This black-as-night wrapper is accomplished by leaving the leaves on the plant as long as possible, by using only the leaves from the top of the plant, and by fermenting them for an especially long time. Most often Brazilian or Mexican in origin. This category is sometimes referred to as “black,” “negro” or “double maduro.” PDR 1878 Reserva Dominicana Habana Robusto

So there you have it, clear as mud, right? What are your likes and dislikes?  Narrow down the variables to determine the right cigar for you:

  • Do you prefer a Parejo or Figurado shape
  • Do you typically enjoy a cigar for an hour or more (longer cigar) or is your time limited (smaller length
  • What ring size feels best in your hand
  • After you’ve nailed the size and shape you prefer, the rest comes down to taste. Strong or mild or somewhere in between, the choices are endless.
  • Save yourself a few bucks and help narrow these choices down by purchasing single cigars, 5-Packs or Sampler Packs





Cigar Single and Quad Lighters

The Tsunami Lighters


The Tsunami Cigar LightersThe Tsunami Lighter features a unique ultra-hot RED quad torch flame that will light the most difficult to light cigars in a snap. Features a smooth action ignition slide, flame height adjustment and a see-thru butane window to keep tabs on fuel levels. This well-made lighter possesses a fantastic weight and feel and also includes a built-in retractable punch cutter at its base for added convenience.

  • Quad Torch (4 Flames)
  • Butane Refillable
  • Unique Red Flame
  • Adjustable Flame Height
  • Black Gift Box
  • Available in: Silver, Black, & Gun Metal
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XIKAR Allume™ Lighters


XIKAR Allume™ Lighters

The Allume is a sleek, sexy and stylish single flame lighter. Don’t let it’s small size fool you, this lighter has been engineered for performance, strength and dependability. Its small and durable body style fits comfortably in the hand and easily slides into your jacket or pants pocket. XIKAR is growing the Allume family with the all new Allume Single Double and Triple. These additions are sleek, stylish and powerful jet flame lighters. They have been engineered for performance, strength and dependability. The Allume double and triple give you the power you need and the performance you want.

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Lighting Your Pipe Properly

Lighting Your Pipe Properly

Every smoker develops their own technique for lighting a pipe, but in general it’s mostly straight forward. It’s best to avoid torch lighters as they burn much too hot and can char the tobacco as well as the pipe. A regular lighter, pipe lighter, or match (that should be the last resort for lighting it though) will do the trick. Pipe lighters are recommended, but a simple match will work just as well. In any case, the tool used to light a pipe comes down to the user’s preference.

The First Light
To ensure all of the tobacco is lit, the flame needs to be moving in a circular motion over the tobacco. Taking a couple draws while lighting the pipe will help the flame reach the middle part of the tobacco. This first light almost always goes out and is referred to as the charring light. Once the charring light goes out, which is typically under a minute, it’s best to use a tamper tool to pack the tobacco down. This will help solidify the tobacco and allow embers to be formed in the bowl chamber.

The True Light
Once the first light is complete, or the charring light, it needs to be lit again. After the pipe is lit, the user will want to take a couple draws to allow the bowl to light up evenly. It is important not to overdraw on the pipe because it’ll cause the tobacco to char and have a disgusting flavor. If the bowl was packed properly after the charring light, the pipe shouldn’t have to be lit again. All the user needs to do now is occasionally pack the tobacco to keep the embers going. When the bowl is close to finished, it’ll become more difficult to keep lit because there isn’t as much tobacco to preserve the light.

Controlling The Flame
There are times when it seems like it doesn’t matter how well the bowl was packed or lit, the tobacco will just not stay lit. When this happens, all the user needs to do is cover the bowl of tobacco with their fingers, while leaving a small hole for air to pass through to take some quick puffs. As soon as the puff is finished, the bowl can be uncovered and the process repeated. This is known as stoking the pipe and can be an effective way of keeping a pipe lit. The idea is to take puffs often enough so that the tobacco stays lit, but slow enough that the smoke doesn’t get too hot. Allowing the smoke to get too hot can cause a tongue bite, which is unpleasant at best. This is easy for someone to test by simply placing their fingers on the bowl, if it’s too hot to touch then it may be a good idea to slow down.

Learning the proper technique for lighting the pipe just takes a little practice, so there’s no need to get discouraged. All smokers find their own way of doing it just right, it’ll come with patience and experimentation.

3 Cigars From The Cigar Store You Should Have When Watching Baseball


It’s a longstanding American tradition to pair cigars with sports and no sport is, perhaps, as core to the American spirit as Major League Baseball. This begs then, the rather obvious question for both the sport and cigar connoisseur – what’re some great cigars to smoke while watching a baseball game from The Cigar Store?

The first great cigar that one should check out is the ACID Blondie Belicoso, referred to lovingly as the ‘Blue Band Stick’, a complex and flavorful cigar from the popular flavored cigar manufacture. The cigar is dense yet soft with a wonderful sweet, candy aroma and fruity, cherry sweet overtones as well as sandal wood, mellow, smooth earth and floral potpourri. The reason why ACID Blondie Belicosos go so well with baseball is that they are excellent to pair with all of the spicy, hearty food one is so likely to find at any given baseball stadium (if indeed you are still allowed to smoke there!). You’ve got brat and beer, cotton candy and fries, the list goes on and the Blondie will add a great overall, mellow sweetness to the entire experience.

Another great stogie that fits excellently with the mood and spirit of the great American pastime is the historic and beloved White Owl Invincible cigar brand. Vintage White Owls made a huge splash back in the 1920s when they were officially endorsed by none other than the Sultan of Swat himself, Mr. Babe Ruth (as well as his wife Claire). White Owls, founded back in the 1800s are, surprisingly still made to this day. And though they’re completely machine made and inexpensive, are of surprisingly high quality (even their cigarillos are of above average construction and taste). The Invincible cigars tend to have a thinner than average body with a simple, but pleasant and very earthy Rolodex of flavors, what one might call a good “contemplation cigar.” So take the advice of ‘The Bambino’ and try out a White Owl Invincible at your next baseball party.

The last great cigar to smoke during a baseball game is the CAO CX2 and unlike the first two has really nothing to do with baseball history but rather everything to do with relaxation. Baseball is a slower-paced game in comparison to most other popular sports, such as football, and as such allows one more time for contemplation and conversation. It’s this quality which has so endeared baseball fans to great cigars. The CAO CX2 has a extremely smooth, woody and creamy flavor with a light and airy finish and a easy draw. It’ll pair perfectly with a tall frosty and that satisfying cracking of bats and chatter of the crowd.

Regardless of what kind of cigar you choose when watching baseball,  always remember the reason cigars work so well for the game to begin with are relaxation, contemplation, merriment. So the next time the crackerjacks are popping, the crowd is cheering for their team or an awesome play being made, and the bat is cracking, ease back with your choice cigar from The Cigar Store and you won’t be disappointed.