Moscato Wine Blended Cigars

Moscato CigarsMoscato Cigars are hand crafted using the finest Honduran tobaccos & essential Moscato Aromatic wine blending. Moscato Cigars provide a unique flavor and aroma, to create a perfectly balanced smoke.

The Moscato Name

Moscato Wine is the world’s fastest growing wine varietal.  “National Moscato Day” is now recognized annually by the US Wine Industry. Moscato Cigars are premium, hand rolled, long fill cigars that are sweet, smooth and well rounded just like Moscato Wine.

Moscato Wine is the No. 2 white wine varietal in the US and continues to grow exponentially year over year. The wine industry named May 9th National Moscato Day and it is celebrated by millions in the US. “We believe Moscato Cigars will be the fastest launch in the history of the cigar industry due to the robust brand equity of Moscato, defined market, premium packaging and quality of our cigars,” said Rob Moscato.

The length and delicate process of developing a Moscato Cigar begins with tilling the fields and planting followed by selecting the highest quality leaves, then hand rolling and finalized with premium packaging. “All Moscato Cigars are long fill handcrafted in Honduras using the world’s finest tobaccos coupled with the Moscato Aromatic Blend which makes it a perfect smoke for both men and women,” said Chris Moscato.

The Honduras fillers are sprayed with a Moscato wine aroma followed an extended resting period. Once bunched and rolled, the cigars sit for two months in a separate controlled humidor. A Moscato flavored cigar? How can you not be intrigued!

Moscato wine and light tobacco take over immediately on the body and the foot with the foot showing more tobacco. The draw is quite nice, not too open and not too tight. Just right.

There really isn’t any complexity the Moscato cigar. Light tobacco and heavy Moscato wine is about all that’s on the palate. At times a hint of vanilla appears but nothing more. The burn is sharp, smoke production from the foot and exhalation are great.

The only change in the second half of the cigar is on the palate, a very slight increase tobacco. Burn and smoke production are still great.


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