Cigar Review: Disposable Electronic Cigars


Electronic cigars produces water vapor not smoke, so you can enjoy without worrying about ash, odor, fire, and most importantly second hand smoke. Electronic cigars are great for restaurants, bars, casinos, home, car, golf course, and weddings.

These disposable cigars have a great flavor and awesome smoke vapor, the right amount of tobacco flavor with a small touch of sweetness. Disposable cigars come fully charged and ready to smoke. There are no wires, no refills, no chargers and no hassles. They are rated for approximately 1,500 puffs which is equivalent to 9 to 13 cigars. They have an authentic hand rolled cigar looking wrapper, with cigar band. The realistic ash at the end glows for a genuine look as you smoke. Soft yet tough mouthpiece allows you to bite down and enjoy the same as you would on the real thing. The cigar comes in an attractive gift box and is available as a single cigar or a box of 10.

Here is how they are packaged.

Whether you smoke, quit smoking or trying to quit and do enjoy a good cigar with a whiskey or bourbon these electronic cigar are great tasting and can be smoked anywhere.

An electronic cigar is an electronic inhaler is meant to simulate and substitute for tobacco smoking. It generally utilizes a heating element that vaporizes a liquid solution. Some release nicotine, while some merely release flavored vapor. The benefits and risks of electronic cigar use are uncertain, but they are likely safer than smoking tobacco and legal to smoke anywhere.

This disposable cigar is both realistic and delicious. One of my favorite disposable e- cigars, this one has great tasting vapor with a hint of a nutty cigar. I really like the weight and feeling this device has. The wrapper on the outside can be easily mistaken for a real tobacco leaf and the soft tip is a unique feature that most cigar smokers will appreciate. You will notice that this cigar requires a little more pull from each drag. Just like a tobacco cigar, you need to take a few primer puffs to get the vapor flowing. The draw is a little more restricted than most of the other electronic cigarettes adding to its realistic experience. This is definitely one of those electronic cigars that you will enjoy exhaling through your nose as the flavor has a wonderful smell and is very gentle on the nose and throat area. Rated at 1500 puffs, this is a must try.

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