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Agio Meharis Original Java

Agio Meharis Original Java
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Retail Price: $180.54
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Manufacturer: Agio
Country: Netherlands
Wrapper: Natural
Package: Tins of 200
Size: 4 x 23
Strength: Mild
Shape: Cigarillo

Agio Meharis Original Java - Agio Meharis Original Java cigars. Mehari's Original: the 'original' Mehari's (since 1976), a cigarillo with a Java Besuki wrapper, that gives it a slightly pungent character. This item can not be shipped into Pennsylvania.

Java Tobacco is used a great deal for the wrappers of Dutch cigars. Besuki tobacco is named after the village in East Java, where this tobacco was first grown. Cultivation is on an extremely small scale: Java tobacco is not grown on the large plantations, but on land belonging to small Indonesian farmers. The tobacco plants are cultivated and selected in close consultation with tobacco growers and customers


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