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Alec Bradley Coyol Cigars
From a brand with more accolades than you can count comes Alec Bradley Coyol cigars. Grown at the exclusive La Vega Coyol farm in Honduras, this premium cigar started in the fertile soils and lush fields that share the same land as the majestic Coyol palm trees. Each aspect of this cigar has a part of the Coyol leaf in it, starting with the Honduran and Nicaraguan fillers, a double dose of Honduran and Nicaraguan binder, and Hybrid Honduran wrapper. Alan Rubin, Founder of Alec Bradley, blended the Coyol for enthusiasts who “enjoy rich flavor and aroma.” 90+ rated by customers and 93-rated by Cigar Aficionado, the Coyol provides a bountiful smoke plush with notes of earth, leather, cream, and a subtle sweetness. Right now is your chance to taste this Honduran slice of heaven- order now!
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