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Ambrosia Spice

Ambrosia Spice
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Retail Price: $248.36
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Manufacturer: Ambrosia
Country: Nicaragua
Wrapper: Natural
Package: Box of 24
Size: 5 x 54
Strength: Medium
Flavor: Spice
Shape: Torpedo

Ambrosia Spice - Ambrosia Spice cigars. Ambrosia Spice cigars by Drew Estate are the result of taking experimental blending to its most extreme dimension.

June 2002 marked the world release of Drew Estate's first Spiced Cigar Blend Ambrosia, Tobaccos Exotica. Taking experimental blending to its most extreme dimension, Ambrosia came to life over an incredible journey in search of raw materials necessary in the development of ACID and Natural Cigars. During this time, we discovered exotic native spices from South Asia and Europe and blended them with two very distinct and different classes of tobacco - genuine vintage tobacco leaves from Honduras, and Nicaraguan tobacco leaves grown on our own farm in Esteli from our very first harvest. After 120 days of aging, all of the Ambrosia's “ploomed while vivid and complex tastes developed. The final stage of curing took place in cedar cabinets for 45 days, where the cigars picked up an aromatic quality, enhancing the already unique “Spiced flavor. The result is a smoke so vivid and abundant in flavor, it lingers on the palate for hours.


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