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Cohiba Macassar Cigars
Walk up to anyone on the streets, ask them to name a cigar brand, and chances are they're gonna say "Cohiba." Cohiba has built their legacy brick by brick for decades, from their Cuban origins to their innovative new blends like Cohiba Nicaragua. With Cohiba Macassar, the Modern Luxury line continues its epic streak of successes. This new blend represents the pinnacle of the brand's offerings. They're big shoes to fill, but I promise you, Cohiba Massacar is the real deal. Each box of 10 is packaged in an elegant wood case made with ebony macassar, some of the rarest hardwoods in the world. For the blend, Cohiba has put together an insane collection of tobaccos. Burning this top-shelf stogie you'll get nuances of wood, spice, creamy earth, and most importantly, an unforgettable cigar experience like no other. Put this one on your wish list or snag a box ASAP, because Cohiba Macassar is redefining the game.
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Cohiba Macassar Gigante

Cohiba Macassar Gigante
Package: Box of 10
Size: 6 x 60
Strength: Medium
Shape: Gordo


Challenge anyone passing by on the streets to name a cigar brand, and they are bound to mention "Cohiba." For decades, Cohiba has meticulously built their legacy from their Cuban origins to their revolutionary new blends like Cohiba Nicaragua. Now, with the introduction of Cohiba Macassar, the brand's Modern Luxury line continues its remarkable streak of success. This exceptional blend truly represents the pinnacle of Cohiba's offerings. It is certainly a tough act to follow, but rest assured that Cohiba Massacar lives up to its reputation. Each exquisite box of 10 is presented in a luxurious wood case crafted with ebony macassar, one of the most sought-after hardwoods in the world. As for the blend itself, Cohiba has selected an exceptional range of tobaccos that will tantalize your taste buds with notes of wood, spice, creamy earth, and above all else, an unparalleled cigar experience. Make sure to add this one to your wishlist or grab a box as soon as possible - because Cohiba Macassar is revolutionizing the game.

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Save: $110.72
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5 Pack

Cohiba Macassar Gigante 5 pack

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