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Deadwood Fat Bottom Betty Toro

Deadwood Fat Bottom Betty Toro
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Retail Price: $106.96
Save: $27.09
Availability: Temporarily Out of Stock
Manufacturer: Deadwood Tobacco Company
Country: Nicaragua
Wrapper: Connecticut
Package: Box of 10
Size: 6 x 50
Strength: Mild
Shape: Toro
Deadwood Yummy Bitches cigars are a sweet-tasting, 3-cigar selection from the Deadwood Tobacco Co. by way of Drew Estate Cigars. Named, "Sweet Jane," "Fat Bottom Betty" and "Crazy Alice," each vitola is rolled in a dark Maduro wrapper that caps a savory recipe of aromatic and exotic tobaccos blended to bring out the natural sweetness of the cigars. Deadwood Tobacco Co. owner, Vaughn Boyd, describes the Bitches as follows: "Sweet Jane was born in the brothels of historic Deadwood, South Dakota. She's naughty, and got her reputation for breaking hearts and bringing the strongest men to their knees. Fat Bottom Betty came out of rehab in 2013 to spread some large-ass lovin' with her sister, Sweet Jane. Crazy Alice showed up in 2014, and God knows where that little firecracker has been! She is one pistol crackin' little hussy! Get to know these legendary ladies of the Wild West up-close and personal by adding them to your humidor today.


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