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Golden Harvest Filtered Cigars Vanilla

Golden Harvest Filtered Cigars Vanilla
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Retail Price: $18.99
Save: $1.04
Availability: In Stock
Manufacturer: Golden Harvest
Country: United States
Wrapper: Natural
Package: Packs of 200
Size: 3.875 x 20
Strength: Mild
Flavor: Vanilla
Shape: Cigarillo
Vanilla loses it’s 'same old flavor' when blended with aromatic North Carolina tobacco in Golden Harvest Filtered Vanilla cigars. The mild-strength tobacco mingles with the sweet flavor of vanilla to create a smoke that is sweet, with woody overtones.

The bright leaf tobacco is flue-cured and makes for a richer, more refined smoking experience. These cigars are 3 ⅞ inches in length and have a ring gauge of 20, making them quite similar to a cigarette in terms of size. You can enjoy these cigars as an after-dinner accompaniment with a glass of whiskey on the rocks. These machine-made cigars are assembled by Rouseco Inc., one of the largest cigar manufacturers in the world. They are sold in sets of 10 packs of 20 cigars each and packaged in bright orange cartons that make them stand out on the tobacconist’s shelves.


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