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Java Petite Corona Red

Java Petite Corona Red
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Java Red Petite Corona 5 pack

Java Red Petite Corona 5 pack

Manufacturer: Drew Estates
Country: Nicaragua
Wrapper: MataFina
Package: Box of 40
Size: 4.5 x 38
Strength: Medium
Shape: Petite Corona

Java Red cigars are among the most enticing additions to the Java Cigars stable. Made for Rocky Patel by Drew Estate, their flavor profile is identified by the distinctive presence of cherries, plus notes of dark chocolate and roasted coffee.

These sweet treats are presented mostly in box-pressed formats (check out the Java Red Wafe, too, with its extreme trunk press shape). The only exception is the Petit Corona, which is a round parejo. What makes the Java Red even more alluring is how well it pairs with a number of aperitifs and cordials like Cointreau, Campari, Grand Marnier, and the like, long-aged Tawny Ports, Espresso or Cappuccino. If you're a fan of infused cigars, Java Red will not disappoint. Add some to your next order.


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