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Montecristo Nicaragua Churchill

Montecristo Nicaragua Churchill
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SKU: 10376
Manufacturer: Montecristo
Country: Nicaragua
Wrapper: Dark Natural
Package: Box of 20
Size: 7 x 56
Strength: Full
Shape: Churchill

THIS ITEM CANNOT BE SHIPPED INTO NEW YORK, NEW JERSEY OR CONNECTICUTMontecristo Nicaragua Series cigars represent the 5th core line extension in the brand's historic stable. It's also the first core line cigar to be made by a third party, in this case, AJ Fernandez, and it represents some of his best work.

The line, conceived by Fernandez and Rafael Nodal, boasts an all-Nicaraguan leaf blend flawlessly handcrafted in four wide ring shapes, each enveloped in an attractive, silky, copper-hued wrapper. The cigars are also distinguished by a secondary band that clearly denotes the "Nicaragua Series."The smoke issues plenty of depth, and teems with bold flavors of earthiness, sweet spice, charred cedar, and black pepper, all in exquisite balance from end-to-end. For cigar smokers who can't get enough of that rich Nicaraguan stuff, this selection is the bomb. Ideal for relaxing to after dinner with a fine Bourbon, single malt, or rum, the Montecristo Nicaragua Series offers a highly-refined experience that veteran aficionados will commit to memory.


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