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Odyssey Connecticut Churchill

Odyssey Connecticut Churchill
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Retail Price: $50.74
Save: $10.22
Availability: In Stock
Manufacturer: Odyssey
Country: Nicaragua
Wrapper: Connecticut
Package: Bundles of 20
Size: 7 x 48
Strength: Medium
Shape: Churchill

Trust me here, you really don't have to take out a collateral loan to purchase a really tasty quality cigar. The good folks at General Cigar (the makers of Macanudo) have created a wonderful bundled cigar that is incredibly well made with nice flavor and aroma at a price point that would make your wallet smile, you know, if a wallet could actually do so.

All right, you're not going to see the Odyssey at the top of the ratings page in that hoity toity magazine, we admit that... but you are going to enjoy a cigar that's made with the budget conscious smoker in mind, and this is a good thing. While the silky Honduran Connecticut shade wrapper (with a slightly sweetened cap) gives off a nutty creaminess, the inner tobaccos of the blend feature aged Nicaraguan filler and an Indonesian binder that gives this stick some pep. And it's got a great draw, too, as thick, creamy white smoke billows with every puff. Going to a barbecue or poker game and you want to bring cigars for the group? The Odyssey is perfect for the casual smoker - and they'll think you spent big bucks on them! How about you add a nice low-priced bundle to your shopping cart now!


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