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Partagas Legend Cigars
Partagas Legend cigars encapsulate this historic brand with an ultra-premium to nod at the legendary men who led the way. From the founding of Partagas in 1845 by Don Jaime Partagas to the Cifuentes and beyond, the story of this Cuban-origin brand is filled with tall-tales of the great men who crafted even better cigars. Elegant, medium-bodied and box-pressed, the Legend represents the past, present and future of Partagas with a mouthwatering profile of aged leather, warm spices, cocoa, cedar and cinnamon. Meticulously crafted by General Cigar, the blend is a masterful elixir of finely aged Dominican and Honduran OSA leaves crowned with a toothy Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper. A luxury class cigar down to the packaging, which features a gorgeous white lacquered box. Partagas Legend is truly a cigar as rich as its past, a fully immersive experience any enthusiast will go nuts for. Savor the rich flavors and add these legendary cigars to your repertoire today!
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