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Pom Pom Operas Cigars

Pom Pom Operas Cigars are small machine-made cigars produced by Swisher International Inc. Multiple flavor varieties including grape, sweet, strawberry and peach are infused into the fillers and are secured in natural homogenized binders. Because of their tapering shape, the cigar ensures a smooth draw because the smoke is funneled through. These bold cigars are bold and rich in flavor.

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Pom Pom Opera Sweet

Pom Pom Opera Sweet
SKU: 0202700R49
Package: Box of 60
Size: 4.25 x 28
Strength: Mild
Shape: Cigarillo

Pom Pom cigars are some of the best machine-made smokes in the market. If you‘re looking for affordable flavored smokes that are top-notch in quality and taste, then your search ends here.


Retail Price: $25.68
Save: $2.70
Availability: In Stock
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