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Punch Grand Cru No. 2

Punch Grand Cru No. 2
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Punch Gran Cru No 2 5 pack

Punch Gran Cru No 2 5 pack

Manufacturer: Punch
Country: Honduras
Wrapper: Natural
Package: Box of 20
Size: 6.125 x 54
Strength: Medium
Shape: Pyramid

Fans of the original Punch line find the Grand Cru series to be a favorite also. Using only vintage tobaccos and a silky Connecticut Shade wrapper, the Grand Cru is a slightly milder offering within the Punch family of cigars.

Each Punch Grand Cru cigar is the result of 3 to 5 years of careful aging and master blending. The blend is equally as unique as the original Punch cigar created in Honduras back in 1969, but the extra aging makes for a more subtle balance of flavors. After the aging process, the cigars are packaged into pure Spanish-cedar wood boxes.  The history of the Punch brand actually dates back to 19th century Cuba where the cigar originated. Today, it is one of the most recognized names in cigars and continues to be a top-seller for all levels of aficionados. The Punch Grand Cru is medium-bodied and packed with flavor. Each leaf of tobacco comes from a vintage year, and is hand selected for quality. Punch Grand Cru cigars are perfect for that special occasion when only the best will do.


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