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Punch Signature Blend Torpedo

Punch Signature Blend Torpedo
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Punch Signature Blend Torpedo 5 pack

Punch Signature Blend Torpedo 5 pack

Manufacturer: Punch
Country: Honduras
Wrapper: Corojo
Package: Box of 18
Size: 5.75 x 52
Strength: Full
Shape: Torpedo

Punch Signature Blend Torpedo - POW! Punch has delivered another truly superb Knock-Out! The release of the Punch Signature has been three years in the making, as development of the blend began in 2012 in Honduras by master blender Agustin Garci. The Signature is the premier vision of the entire Punch line, so much so that each cigar is banded with the mascot himself; Punch.

This extremely full bodied cigar, although inspired by tradition, has its own unique flavor. Each combining only the most exquisite and high quality tobaccos to create a blend that is highlighted by leather, cedar, cinnamon, and spice. This unparalleled complexity gives the Punch line its most flavor cigar showcase thus far. Available in snappily designed cabinet reminiscent of a puppeteers stage, each Punch Signature is visible through an acrylic window, which makes for the ideal living room accessory for showing off and sharing with close friends or family after a holiday dinner or a simple night out.


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