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Remington Filtered Cigars Cherry

Remington Filtered Cigars Cherry
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Retail Price: $18.99
Save: $1.39
Availability: Temporarily Out of Stock
Manufacturer: Remington
Country: United States
Wrapper: Natural
Package: Packs of 200
Size: 3.875 x 20
Strength: Mild
Flavor: Cherry
Shape: Cigarillo
Ensuring high-quality at attractive prices, Remington Filtered Cherry Cigars offer the aroma and flavor of hand-picked cherries in your smoke.

These filtered cigars provide a robust flavor and an exquisite aroma which you will keep coming back to. They burn steadily for a long time, ensuring that you enjoy their richness in a relaxingly long-drawn smoke. Light these cigars after a wholesome dinner or on a lazy Sunday morning and you will be pleasantly engulfed by their heady aroma.These cigars are made in the Dominican Republic using Dominican tobacco and then exported to the USA. Consistent in moisture levels and dark brown in color, the soil in the region is perfectly suited for tobacco. In fact, along with Cuba’s Vuelta Abajo, the Yaque Valley in Dominican Republic is one of the best regions in the world to grow tobacco. The cigars measure 3 ⅞ inches in length with a ring gauge of 20 and are available in 10 packs of 20 each.


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