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Villiger Braniff No. 2 Natural Box

Villiger Braniff No. 2 Natural Box
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Villiger Braniff No. 2 Natural - Box 5 pack

Villiger Braniff No. 2 Natural - Box 5 pack

Manufacturer: Villiger
Country: Switzerland
Wrapper: Natural
Package: Box of 50
Size: 4.125 x 20
Strength: Medium
Shape: Cigarillo
This famous brand began in 1888 and continues today as one of the world's most respected producers of cigarillos and small cigars!
These Models Range In Body From Mild To Medium - Using Primarily Indonesian -&- Brazilian Wrappers. While the airline of the famous name may no longer be in business, the cigar certainly is. For decades now, Villiger has been making this pencil-thin favorite from the finest Mexican San Andres valley wrapper. Typical of the Euro cigarillos, Braniff is a satisfying smoke that Europeans have been enjoying for years. Braniff is another in the Villiger line of quality cigars now being imported into the U. S. to cater to the growing cosmopolitan tastes of American smokers.


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