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Al Capone Sweet Cigarillo

Al Capone Sweet Cigarillo
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Retail Price: $50.60
Save: $10.18
Availability: Temporarily Out of Stock
Manufacturer: Al Capone
Country: Honduras
Wrapper: Natural
Package: Box of 20
Size: 5.5 x 26
Strength: Mild
Flavor: Cognac
Shape: Cigarillo

Al Capone cigars are so deliciously sweet and petite they're downright habit forming! Hand rolled and presented in several flavors, including a filtered version, they're perfect for those times when you just HAVE to have a cigar, but don't have time for a full-size smoke. Priced affordably, find the Al Capone cigars that are right for you and toss 'em in your cart. Make sure you have enough, too. (If you run short, don't say we didn't warn 'ya about them being habit forming. )


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