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CAO Columbia Vallenato

CAO Columbia Vallenato
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CAO Columbia Vallenato 5 pack

CAO Columbia Vallenato 5 pack

Manufacturer: CAO
Country: Honduras
Wrapper: Natural
Package: Box of 20
Size: 5 x 56
Strength: Medium
Shape: Robusto

CAO Columbia Vallenato -

If CAO Colombia is your introduction to Colombian tobacco - we think you'll become fast friends. This CAO World selection shines through its unorthodox use of Colombian tobacco, smoking mild-medium in body and medium-full in flavor. A dash of saltiness, among other delectable nuances too rarely found in cigars, is on display by virtue of its multi-nation blend; adding the light Honduran wrapper is like adding the butter atop the toast. Buy your box and unlock the treasures within CAO Colombia!


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