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CAO Pilon Corona

CAO Pilon Corona
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CAO Pilon Corona 5 pack

CAO Pilon Corona 5 pack

Manufacturer: CAO
Country: Nicaragua
Wrapper: Habano
Package: Box of 20
Size: 5.5 x 44
Strength: Full
Shape: Corona

CAO Pilon Corona - CAO Pilon cigars are perhaps some of the most unique cigars you’ll smoke. Instead of simply fermenting the tobaccos as any company normally would, CAO slowed the fermentation process by stacking their pilon in a circular pattern, thus enhancing the flavor through this naturally extended process. The result is a collection of impressive 90+ ratings by some of the top cigar publications. Let this Nicaraguan packed, Ecuadorian wrapped cigar take your taste buds for a ride, and get yours now!


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