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@Zucar Connecticut Vanilla Sweet Tip Lonsdale

@Zucar Connecticut Vanilla Sweet Tip Lonsdale
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@Zucar Connecticut Vanilla Sweet Tip Lonsdale 5 pack

@Zucar Connecticut Vanilla Sweet Tip Lonsdale 5 pack

SKU: ZUC6044
Manufacturer: Espinosa Cigars
Country: Dominican Republic
Wrapper: Sumatra
Package: Box of 25
Size: 6 x 44
Strength: Mild
Flavor: Sweet
Shape: Lonsdale


Espinosa Cigars always strive to create superior quality cigars that cater to every fan’s needs, whatever the occasion or mood may be. Classics such as Espinosa Crema, which many call the ideal morning cigar, and the Laranja Reserva, a more robust flavor cigar great for an after-dinner drink, are just two of their bestselling items. But Espinosa is now searching for something more – they are reaching out to infused cigar fans with their newest product: @ZUCAR. This vanilla infused smoke sports a sugar tip and has been totally revamped for its Dominican Republic factory production with Dominican long-filler tobacco and vanilla & spice infusions to keep up its delightful sweet taste. Quality in construction and components remains top-notch as ever, so you are sure to enjoy this one no matter the day's adventures you get up to. Let's see if this could possibly become your new favorite!

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