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Montecristo Espada Quillon Oscuro

Montecristo Espada Quillon Oscuro
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Retail Price: $165.52
Save: $44.66
Availability: In Stock
Manufacturer: Montecristo
Country: Nicaragua
Wrapper: Oscuro
Package: Box of 10
Size: 7 x 56
Strength: Full
Shape: Double Corona

Espada goes Oscuro. A few years ago Montecristo’s famed blending team, the Grupo de Maestros, reached a deal with the Plasencia family of tobacco growers. The deal gave them unlimited access to all the Plasencia’s finest leaves, and the resulting cigar was known as the Montecristo Espada. The success of the original was so undeniable, the Grupo de Maestros once again scoured Plasencia’s stock to create a follow-up that ups the ante even on the first nearly-perfect blend: The Montecristo Espada Oscuro.

The Espada Oscuro replaces the 2010 Jalapa Habano wrapper with a vintage Habano Rosado Oscuro leaf, that’s several shades darker and a fair bit stronger. The all-Nicaraguan components work together to produce an intriguing mélange of complex flavors, and rich, peppery notes of earth and leather. Espada is Spanish for sword, and the Grupo de Maestros were razor-sharp when they blended this gem. If these end up as popular as the original Espada, you’ll want to grab a box today and strike while the iron’s hot.


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