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NUB Cafe Macciato Cigarillos

NUB Cafe Macciato Cigarillos
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Retail Price: $127.60
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Manufacturer: Oliva
Country: Dominican Republic
Wrapper: Sumatra
Package: Tins of 50
Size: 4 x 30
Strength: Mild
Flavor: Coffee
Shape: Cigarillo
NUB Cafe Macciato Cigarillos - Coffee lovers and cigar aficionados gather here! If you're a true coffee lover you will be thrilled by Olivia Cigar Company's Nub Café. They've stepped beyond their traditional blends to present their Nub Cigar line of premium flavor-infused smokes, offering the ultimate coffee experience. Each variety is available in three stout-sizes and rolled densely so they are filled to the brim with as much premium tobaccos as cigars twice their size. These aromatic cigars make a perfect breakfast or dessert cigar. . . so. . . how do you like your coffee - Cappuccino - Macchiato - Espresso?


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