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Nub Cameroon 460 Tubo

Nub Cameroon 460 Tubo
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Nub Cameroon 460 5 pack

Nub Cameroon 460 5 pack

Manufacturer: Oliva
Country: Nicaragua
Wrapper: Cameroon
Package: Box of 12
Size: 4 x 60
Strength: Medium
Shape: Rothschild
Nub Cameroon 460 Tubo - NUB Cameroon cigars are unlike anything you've smoked before. Manufactured by the Oliva Cigar Co. , the concept is a cigar which, instead of just having a 'sweet spot,' is in its entirety a 'sweet spot. ' nub delivers, too; their large ring gauges and short lengths routinely smoking for over an hour! The genuine Cameroon wrapper cloaking its Nicaraguan core is thin and toothy, and smokes with rich notes of cedar and coffee. These distinctive, medium-bodied cigars are a must-try!


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